Bevco’s Seat Height Calculator will help you determine the optimal seat height range you need for your work surface.




  • Measure the height (in inches) from the top of your work surface to the floor.  This is your work surface height.


  • Enter this measurement (work surface height) into box 1 on the diagram and it will calculate the optimal seat height in box 2.


Work Surface Height:
Optimal Seat Height:
Seat Height Range:

Remember that every body is unique and these ranges may need to be adjusted based on your workstation set up.  The general rule of thumb used to calculate the optimal seat height range is to subtract 10” from the work surface height.  This should be the mid-point of the chair’s seat height range.  Your seat height range should adjust at least 2.5” above and 2.5” below this mid-point.

Bevco offers three height ranges to accommodate a wide array of work surface heights, desk, mid and tall/bench height chairs:

  • Desk Height = approx. 15”-22”
  • Mid Height = approx. 18”-28”
  • Tall Height = approx. 22”-32”

It’s important to select a chair that conforms to your body and environment and the seat height is just one aspect to take into consideration when finding the right chair.  You should also evaluate features such as seat size and depth, back height, arm height, chair height and tilt tension.  Check out our Ergonomics best practices for more information.

Use our Chair Configurator to find the best chair for your needs once you know your optimal seat height.

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