The Breva Series polyurethane chair is an excellent economic value option.  The Breva will meet your most basic seating needs while exceeding your overall expectations.


The Value-Line Breva Series offers the same durability as our other polyurethane seating solutions (Dura and Everlast Series) while offering a smaller range of configuration options.

front of breva chair


Enhance Your Performance and Comfort

The Breva Series is the economical way to stay productive and comfortable. For instance, these durable chairs offer total body support with basic ergonomic features at Bevco’s lowest price point. These chairs showcase a rugged, self-skinned, black polyurethane seat and back that resist stains and damage from punctures, grease, water, and most chemicals making it an excellent selection for industrial and institutional daily use.

front of breva chairfront of breva chair
right angle of breva chairright angle of breva chair
right side of breva chairright side of breva chair
back of breva chairback of breva chair
left side of breva chairleft side of breva chair
left angle breva chairleft angle breva chair

Built to Order

Each BEVCO Breva chair is handcrafted in our Waukesha, Wisconsin manufacturing facility. Make your selections from the drop downs to create a SKU number for a quote.

Clear Selections

Technical Specs




  • Seat: 18” W x 17” D
  • Back: 17” W x 12” H

ALL models include:

  • Heavy-duty construction that contributes to years of long-lasting satisfaction
  • A polyurethane seat and back that are impervious to water, oil, and most chemicals
    • Antibacterial surface
    • Nonslip material
    • Puncture resistant
    • Easy to clean
  • Fully adjustable contoured back that encourages proper spinal alignment
  • A convenient handle in the backrest that makes moving the chair effortless
  • A waterfall seat that aids lower body circulation promoting overall wellness
  • Easy-to-use pneumatic height adjustment that allows for stress-free seat height changes
  • A high performance adjustable 18” chrome footring is standard on mid and tall height models

Chair maintenance is important.  Follow the below steps to increase the longevity of your BEVCO product:

🗸  Regularly clean your chair – vacuum fabric, wipe down vinyl and polyurethane with a mild detergent weekly (For more details, reference Care Instructions in the Downloads tab).

🗸  Check that all bolts, screws and knobs are securely tightened every six months or as needed.

🗸  Clean casters (if applicable) by vacuuming or using compressed air to remove any accumulated dust, debris or hair.  Add silicone lubricant if needed.

🗸  Immediately remove chair from service if any damage or failure is found and contact Bevco Customer Service at 800-864-2991 or email

To expedite your service request, please provide:

  1. Chair model #
  2. Reference # (located on the small white label on the control mechanism underneath seat)
  3. Brief description of issue at hand


Spec Sheet

Assembly Instructions

Care Instructions

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