Founded in 1947, Bevco has been in the ergonomic seating business for nearly 73 years. Originally servicing the sewing industry, our company and our portfolio has grown steadily over the years. Offering premium quality polyurethane chairs, executive mesh seating, plywood task seating and a variety of upholstered chairs and stools, Bevco seating solutions are now woven into the fabric of nearly every industry in our economy. Bevco’s continued success is a result of our adherence to our founder’s simple mission of offering high quality seating at a fair price while operating under our principles of honesty, integrity and excellence.

When you invest in and buy American-made products you’re contributing to the stability of our economy. Supporting local businesses, and family-owned companies like Bevco, has a positive ripple effect across our communities. It reinforces the strength of the local economy and builds our nation up from the inside out by investing in each other.

We pride ourselves in manufacturing a quality product that will last, providing you with the lowest total cost of ownership over the lifespan of the product. We understand the importance of how what we do today impacts tomorrow, which is why we are passionate about ensuring our manufacturing process contributes to a cleaner environment and our products improve overall health and well-being.

We invite you to see some of the faces of American employees that are working hard every day to deliver quality, handcrafted products…


When we create demand for American-made products that means we need more people to create those products, which in turn means there are more jobs in the manufacturing sector which then pushes more money back into the economy.  This is a cycle we can all get behind!

You will pay a little more for an American-made product, but the benefits and value it brings is worth it.

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