Many of us utilize a chair to get our work done throughout the day.  Even though our tasks and responsibilities may differ, many of our desires remain the same – to be given the opportunity to do our best everyday, to be challenged by the work we do, to learn new things or to contribute to the greater good.  One area that we may not actively think about, which is extremely important, is our comfort.  When we are comfortable, we are happy and that allows us to do our best work.  It can all start with something as simple as sitting in a comfortable chair.

Regardless of the environment you’re working in – home or in-person office, bioscience, manufacturing, higher education, etc. – Bevco’s Integra series chairs provide the versatility you need to keep you comfortable throughout the day.

The Integra is Bevco’s leading upholstered chair for good reason – it offers exceptional comfort and performance in any environment. The backrest is specifically shaped to provide ample back support whether you choose the medium or large back size.  Both back sizes come standard with a heavy-duty polypropylene back shell to protect the upholstery. The generous 20″w x 18″d seat provides an exceptional seating experience while the 3″ thick, high-quality foam provides long-lasting comfort. A variety of selections are offered to handcraft a highly personalized made-to-order chair:

This upholstered seating solution provides the most flexability, durability and overall seating enjoyment. The Integra makes working easy!

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